Friday, September 24, 2010

Nasi Lemak = Good!

After 12 hours of fasting and 5 hours at Medical City for diagnostic & laboratory exams, I got extremely hungry! Since Robinsons Galleria's the nearest mall to go to for lunch, I decided to walk my chunky butt there & grab some chow. When I chanced upon Nasi Lemak, I knew where I wanna eat. There were so many delectable food choices to pick from ... the best chow from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia & India. I picked the Nasi Lemak Set, consisting of moist & juicy BBQ chicken, cucumber, thin & crispy Indian papadam, egg, sambal ikan bilis (dried anchovies with spicy paste), fried kuning or fish and nasi lemak rice (coconut milk rice) with peanuts. That was good and heavy! I also ordered the Thai Pomelo salad ... fresh pomelo chunks with shredded cabbage and carrots, tossed in a sweet yet mildly spicy Thai dressing. Definitely, this salad was one refreshing treat! It was a satisfying meal for me, once again. I can't wait to try the other dishes soon! *burp*


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